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Web Analytics

What is Web Analytics?

Web Analytics is the measurement, collection, tracking and analysing internet data to optimise web usage. In other words it is the study of the impact of a website on its users. Ecommerce companies and other website publishers often use Web analytics software to measure such concrete details as the number of people who visited their site, how many of those visitors were new visitors, how they came to the site (i.e., if they followed a link to get to the site or came there directly), what keywords they searched with on the site’s search engine, how long they stayed on a given page or on the entire site and what links they clicked on and when they left the site.

DigiBanyan’s Web Analytics certificate course is a one month comprehensive training program that will enable you to explore the world of analytics in great depth.

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After Attaining your Web Analytics Certificate, you will be able to

  • Understand why web analytics is important for any website
  • Learn and make optimum use of Google Analytics
  • Study bounce rate, session time, page views etc
  • Identify the various sources of website traffic
  • Understand your customers demographics
  • Analyse the performance of your website on various social media platforms
  • Generate real time reports
  • Learn how to effectively allocate the budget for each channel of website traffic
  • Discover tools to assess visitor behaviour on websites

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