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5 Tips on Video Marketing to give Startups a Head Start

Video marketing is a powerful tool for startups. While SEO and SMO do play an important role but they do not guarantee engagement with the audience. They can bring people to your website or social media channels but you need video marketing to make them stay. Give them something they can remember you by.


Here are 5 tips to give you a headstart!



Make a short Video                                        


1.Make a short Video

Keep your videos short and crisp. Every second matters! The first thing audience does is check the length of the video. If it is anything more than 2 minutes long there is high chance that people will skip it or think about watching it later, which is rarely done.

Since the length matters make sure the deliverability is clear and concise and your content doesn’t seem rushed. Deliver your content in bite-sized videos. Break your content into several sub-topics and increase the engagement.



Hook your audience


2.Hook the audience

We don’t want you to take it literally! Hook the audience by writing a good title and description. Just like this post, “6 Tips on Video Marketing to give Startups a Head Start”. If we had written “Video marketing guide” would you be reading this article?

I think we’ve made our point!

The audience decides to leave/stay in the first 10 seconds of the video. Never try to sell yourself at the start of the video ever. Save the best for last!



Branding videos


3.Something to remember you by


Make your content useful to the users. You can talk about yourself in the entire video but if the audience doesn’t get anything out of it then your video is not going to stay in their mind and neither on their social feed for long.

Plan your video in a way that gives the audience something useful for them, either tips or some offers, or an upcoming event or solves their troubles.

Your actual time to promote yourself should not exceed 15% of the entire video’s length.

Don’t act desperate, play it cool!


Sharing is Caring


4.Sharing is Caring


If you’ve followed the above 3 steps for your video then be rest assured that your video will be shared by the audience. There are however some points to keep in mind.

Always study the industry your Startup is a part of. See the videos your competitors are making and analyze why their videos did or did not work.

You can drive great insights on why a video became viral and why the other did not. Spending a lot of money on a video does not guarantee a share! Always keep the content and the mood right.

Keep your audience happy and they will return the favor!




Type of video marketing forms


5.Use the right video type


There are several types of short video format available. 2D/3D animation videos, live action, live action with track elements, white board animated videos, and typography.

Choosing the right format will depend on what your product or service is and how will you be able to explain its benefits to the audience. You do not need to stick to 1 video format. Give them all a try one by one.

For startups, we would recommend using animated videos (whiteboard and 2D/2.5D) since they are easy to make and all they require is your creativity.


That’s it from us! There is no shortcut for a perfect path to give you success every single time.

All we can say is, keep moving forward! Success will come eventually!

If you have any more tips to add here or want clarification on a point do write to us at info@digibanyan.com.


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