About a DigiBanyan - The urban landscape of Digital Marketing and prepare you for the future.

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Our Story

DigiBanyan is a training institute and a provider of digital marketing services. We offer training courses both online and at our centres. In addition, we offer Corporate training, Summer training, Internships and seminars for educational organisations.

Most agencies will tell you what you want to hear, but we are a little different. We don’t claim to be the biggest agency, or to have global networks. However, we are proud of the business relationships we have developed and our track record of consistently delivering excellent results.

We help you guide through the urban landscape of digital marketing and prepare you for the future.

Our Mission

To prepare the next generation of marketing professionals that are ready to sweep the urban landscape with skills that are second to none.

Meet the Team

We are a team of experienced training and consulting professionals with a corporate experience of over 13 years. We are diligent workers who like to take ownership of our work. We deliver results with finesse and meet the expectations of our clients and students alike.